Working Hard for You

Fighting for REDUCED size of State Government

Cut spending by $1.2 billion over 2 years

Reduced state debt

Reformed oil taxes and credits

Reformed Medicaid - first time in Alaska history

REFORMED our State government

Cut red tape for

Cathy Giessel Talks About the Budget

Cathy Giessel Knows Healthcare

Alaskan Hunting and Fishing Women

Rich Giessel speaks about his wife, Cathy

Senator Giessel's Vote Supports Police Officers

Disabled Alaskans Supported by Senator Giessel


Restore a balanced budget and sustainability in our State fiscal affairs.

Educate and prepare Alaskans for the future.

Affordable Energy to Stabilize our Economy and Communities.

Confront Federal Overreach into Alaska's state sovereignty.

Drive leadership in Arctic development of our resources, research and infrastructure.

Paid for by Re-Elect Senator Cathy Giessel for State Senate, 12701 Ridgewood Rd, Anchorage, Alaska 99516